GA of Veeam Endpoint Backup Free

A couple of months ago, Veeam announced a new solution called Veeam® Endpoint Backup FREE™. In December, Veeam released the beta version of this software to the world. The interest in this beta software was overwhelming and Veeam has a huge amount of testers, with more than 22,000 registered users and almost 20,000 downloads of our beta.

Today, Veeam is proud to announce the GA (general availability) of Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE!




Very good news. I am going to update beta version to GA. And the first accident:




I just removed old version of VEB and will install the new one.


remove veb


After installation you need to create backup job. And now there is integration with veeam backup server repository:




Good luck and make backups. It can helps you in the future 😉