VMware VSAN Health Check Plugin Installation

Few weeks ago VMWare released VSAN Health Check Plugin. This plugin allows monitoring and troubleshooting your VSAN 6.0 Clusters. There are two versions of this plugin: first for Windows based vCenter Server and the second – for Linux VCSA (rpm file). VSAN Health Check plugin allows you to collect information about Cluster and its health, which would otherwise needed to be gathered via RVC or CLI. There is also a vib file which you need to deploy on your esxi hosts in VSAN Cluster.  The deployment of the VIB file can be done through vSphere web client (other methods are through RVC, VUM or manually via CLI with “esxcli software vib” commands).

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Upgrading to VMware Virtual SAN 6.0

Last time I described how to build test environment for vSAN 5.5 on one physical server. Today I want try to update VMWare vSAN 5.5 to vSAN 6.0.  After that I will upgrade vSAN in Production.

So we have our test environment with nested esxi virtual hosts. We have updated hosts and vCenter to 6.0. And see notification on our vSAN cluster.

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