Can’t remove datastore on esxi host

If you plan to remove a datastore from a host, you need to remove the coredump files before removing the datastore.


Datastore delete


To remove a coredump file from a datastore presented to a cluster or host.

List coredump files:

/vmfs/volumes/500b1009-42f40af0-2511-d8d385e35403 # esxcli system coredump file list
Path                                                                                                               Active  Configured       Size
—————————————————————————————————————–  ——  ———-  ———
/vmfs/volumes/500b1009-42f40af0-2511-d8d385e35403/vmkdump/01BA9D02-8EFE-D511-8F3A-D8D385E4DFF2-520093696.dumpfile    true        true  520093696


Remove my file:

esxcli system coredump file remove -f fullpathofcoredumpfile

/vmfs/volumes/500b1009-42f40af0-2511-d8d385e35403 # esxcli system coredump file remove -f /vmfs/volumes/500b1009-42f40af0-251
Dump file /vmfs/volumes/500b1009-42f40af0-2511-d8d385e35403/vmkdump/01BA9D02-8EFE-D51                                        Ñurrently active, –force is required.
/vmfs/volumes/500b1009-42f40af0-2511-d8d385e35403 # esxcli system coredump file remov
Error: -f must have value

If your file is active and locked, use -F (–force parameter)

remove core dump

You may need to reboot your host after such procedure.