“Cannot run upgrade script on host” during upgrade from esxi 5.5 to 6.0

The host upgrade from ESXi 5.5 to ESXi 6.0 failed with the following error: „Cannot execute upgrade script on host“.



I found two possible issues – the second one worked for me:

Issue 1: /bootbank/state.xxxxxxxx directory not empty

Take a look at KB 2007163 „Upgrading a VMware ESXi host fails with the error: Cannot run upgrade script on host“

Issue 2: troubles with the FDM agent (former HA agent) from the host

In my case issue 2 was the problem – performing the steps descriped below did the trick for me.

I found the following message in the /var/log/vua.log:

2015-08-17T12:29:16.999Z error vua[FFF940D0] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Alert:WARNING: This application is not using QuickExit(). The exit code will be set to 0.@ bora/vim/lib/vmacore/main/service.cpp:162
–> Backtrace:
–> [backtrace begin] product: VMware vSphere Update Manager Agent, version: 6.0.0, build: build-2621470, tag: vua
–> backtrace[00] libvmacore.so[0x0033D8E3]: Vmacore::System::Stacktrace::CaptureFullWork(unsigned int)



  • disable HA for the cluster
  • remove the ESXi host from the cluster
  • connect  via SSH to the ESXi host and run the following commands to uninstall the FDM agent:

(as also descriped in KB 1003714 „Verifying and reinstalling the correct version of the VMware vCenter Server agents”)

cp /opt/vmware/uninstallers/VMware-fdm-uninstall.sh /tmp
chmod +x /tmp/VMware-fdm-uninstall.sh


  • reboot the host

Now you can re-add the host to the cluster and perform the upgrade to ESXi 5.5. Do not forget to enable HA.