VMware Certified Associate Exams at home

VMware launched a new certification family at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

The certification is called VMware Certified Associate (“VCA”) and consists of four tracks:

VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) free cource

VMware Certified Associate – Cloud (VCA-Cloud) free cource
VMware Certified Associate – Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM) free cource
VMware Certified Associate – Network Virtualization (VCA-NV)

Contrary to other certifications (eg. VCP) it is not required to take an authorized VMware course before you can take the exam.

But there are free elearning courses available to prepare. Another difference to other certifications is, that it is not necessary to go to an official testcenter. You can take the exam online from home.

At the moment there is a 50% discount available (if you take the exam in 2013) – so the exam costs about 95 Euro. And one more promo code which makes exam free 🙂

The Exam consists of 50 questions and there is plenty of time to answer them: 120 minutes. Maximum score is 500, the passing score is 300. If you have already passed other (higher) exams like eg. VCP then there is no reason for you to take the VCA exams in my opinion…

Want to know more about the exams/registration?

• visit the offical VMware Certification Site
• download and read the exam blueprint
• register for the exam -> you will get an candidate ID
• go to Pearsonvue.com/vmware
• create an account or if you have one, sign in
• book your exam and enter promo code VCA13ICS (so your exam costs 0)  – it will be available for two days



As I was interested, I have taken the VCA Data Center Virtualization exam today and passed it.