GA of Veeam Endpoint Backup Free

A couple of months ago, Veeam announced a new solution called Veeam® Endpoint Backup FREE™. In December, Veeam released the beta version of this software to the world. The interest in this beta software was overwhelming and Veeam has a huge amount of testers, with more than 22,000 registered users and almost 20,000 downloads of our beta.

Today, Veeam is proud to announce the GA (general availability) of Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE!


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Configure SSL on Jetty

Today we need to change ssl certificate on jetty. SSL Certificate issuer is Godaddy. Download certificate and unzip it. You have gd_ bundle and certificate for your server, also key file. 


We have a key and certificates in separate files and need to combine them into a PKCS12 format file to load into a new keystore.

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Bootable USB stick on OS X

I need to install Ubuntu on Sony Vaio laptop. So I need to create bootable USB stick for that. My home OS is Mac OS X 10 and today we gonna make bootable USB stick on OS X.

Note: this procedure requires that you create an .img file from the .iso file you download. It will also change the filesystem that is on the USB stick to make it bootable, so backup all data before continuing.

Tip: Drag and drop a file from Finder to Terminal to ‘paste’ the full path without risking typing errors.

1. Download Ubuntu for Desktop.

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VMware Certified Associate Exams at home

VMware launched a new certification family at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

The certification is called VMware Certified Associate (“VCA”) and consists of four tracks:

VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) free cource

VMware Certified Associate – Cloud (VCA-Cloud) free cource
VMware Certified Associate – Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM) free cource
VMware Certified Associate – Network Virtualization (VCA-NV)

Contrary to other certifications (eg. VCP) it is not required to take an authorized VMware course before you can take the exam.

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About Me

I’m professional in IT technologies such as Corporate Networks and Virtual Infrastructure. I work with VMware virtualization technologies, and as an IT admin for more than 9 years. 

 I am expertised in:
• Virtualization: VMware ESXi, vCenter, vSAN, VDI; Veeam B&R, Veeam One; Proxmox
• HW Servers: HP, Supermicro
• Linux: CentOS/RedHat, Debian/Ubuntu
• Windows: all versions of desktop and servers 
• Automation: Puppet
• Monitoring: Zabbix
• LAMP: Apache/Nginx, MySQL, Tomcat, PHP
• CI: Bamboo

I am able to successfully implement, deploy, manage and troubleshoot VMware vSphere installations. I  passed a VCA-DCV. But it's only start. 🙂



My professional interests are: VMware, KVM Virtualization, Cloud computing, Configuration management, new internet-based services, Socials networking, Microsoft Technologies, Cisco Networks.

My personal interests and hobbies are: blogging, photography, cycling, traveling.

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